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Title Page Name of company, date, contact information, etc. Table of Contents Executive Summary 1\. Business Concept2\. Company3\. Market Potential4\. Management Team5\. Distinct Competencies6\. Required Funding and its Use7\. Exit Strategy Main Section

Pls provide and suggest if any sample

Business Plan, (21/May/2015)

I will request your assistance in order to build a Business Plan for my new Venture, Its is a Manpower Staffing Firm. I would like all of you to provide me your inputs. Your ideas will be much appreciated.Thanks,Melwyn

Dear professionals,Hope you all have some ideas on this subject. This is really interesting topic and a present requirements under the OHSAS-18001 standard of Health & Safety.Your cooperation and new ideas on this matter would be highly appreciated.

Please i need a sample business plan for starting a training school. I will appreciate any help please.

Require Business Plan, (27/Oct/2011)

I need Business Plan .Kindly suggest me.

Re: Business Plan, (5/Jan/2011)

Hi,I need a business plan for the Home furnishing company. Can anyone help me?ThanksHuma Kazmi

I am happy that someone responded to the post of Nishant after four years! I am very hopeful that his matter would have got resolved by now. :)

Writing Business Plan, (15/Dec/2012)

Writing Business PlanWriting business plans is like creating the crucial roadmap you draw when starting a business. An unknown author said: "When you fail to plan you plan to fail." The biggest reason for failing to plan is the perception that one doesn’t have e...

HR - Business Plan, (24/Jul/2012)

What should be the IDEAL Quarter PLAN for a company which is in business for 5 years. How should HR plan should move. Please let me know what should be the ideal Quarter plan of HR to make company grow and employees motivated

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