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What is the Format of Partnership Deed if the Address of the Registered Office of the Partnership firm has changed

Hello, Need a draft copy of a partnership agreement/deed for placement services.

Hello, I and my friend are running an HR Placement service in Mumbai past 5 yrs. We plan to have a partnership deed and accordingly will be doing registration and other formalities. We have made a draft copy of the agreement, but need to add points towards hr/ p...

Dear Sir, Please help,Is there any requirement of registration of relinquishment deed if relinquishment is based on without considertion.if yes what is the stamp duty. how to calculate it.Regards,sk

Partnership Firm, (20/Jun/2009)

I want to know about possible designation in a partnership company. we are 3 partners in a company,please solve our problem

Dear All,I want to know whether an assignment of a lease deed requires registration wherein the assignment is made without consideration?thanksReenu Rituraj

Gratuity - Partnership, (24/Feb/2016)

Hellow everybody,Org. starts from Proprietorship - 1990Converted to Partnership - 1996Converted into Pvt. Ltd. Co. - 2006Now, some x-employees asking Gratuity amounts. How, to calculate Gratuity ? Some one suggesting to go to LIC's scheme….. what is better ?Prov...

What would be the correct designation to a person in a partnership company (ITES COMPANY) who performs the following work:-1\. Client interaction.2\. Team handling - operations.3\. Day to day reporting to partners of the company.4\. Taking care of production on ...

Dear Friend,IT is certainly mandatory to deduct PF and other benefits, provided all are within the criteria of laid down rules, it is not okay simply paying basic salary and travelling allowance to the employees…the employees should be treated as a part of the o...

Dear frinds,Always remmber when u build your character ,first judje your self because evrey deed countRegards-Syma

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