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Hi Seniors,Can anyone please brief me on HR Payroll process. what're the job responsibilities involved in it. I've searched for the same but I'm a bit confused. And another question is - do firms use some software for the entire payroll process or some part of t...

Would like to know about payroll process. In an organization, where HR is a two member team, the HR Manager and the HR head. HR Manager prepares payroll for Executives and below, whilst HR Head does for Managers and above. Thus for payroll processing of Executiv...

We (People) are in HR outsourcing business and looking forward to expand. We would like to become a partner/franchisee with well known international payroll processing companies to use their softaware to do processing. Could anyone help me in this regard.Thanx

HiCan any body help me out in finding the institution where where they can tech payroll preparation or any site or ay software for payroll

Hi evryone i am sujan,i am working in an mnc ,can anyone please help me out in preparing payroll for ten employees,till now there were no pay slips given to employees.i would like to know what are the main components to be kept in mind while designing payroll.

Is it worth taking a course on SAP Payroll or any other payroll software, or is there any possibility of working for a company and learning it for free ?

Can any body help to know the HR Pay roll concepts

Sandeep C - Outsourcing leads to efficiency. In this case, outsourcing payroll lowers the cost per transaction, ensures the cost on technology upgrades is lower (cloud computing and SaaS) and ensures someone else is driving a zero defect process without consumin...

Hi ,I need a payroll software can anyone help me with this ?

Can I get the help on "How to prepare payroll".Is any software mandatory for that or it can be done manually.If example is there it will be halpful.Thank you in advance.

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