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@shekhar.hrd:> Dear All,> > In my company there is one employee was engage with habitual absentism, then we have given him show cause notice but he is not replying properly of show cause and he is saying that "company can terminate me and give my Full & Final Du...

Hello i am Bilal from Pakistan. i just want to improve or update the techniques which are used to minimize absentism. i m very much successful in dicouraging the absentism but i want to plan in such a way that it never comes to this habit, as motivation is there...

Reducing Absentism, (18/Dec/2006)

Dear friends,How we can reduce absentism ?As we are manufacturing company earlier absentism was 10 -12 % but since last 2 months it is increasing .now it is 18 -25%.We are giving monthly Attendance award ,counselling to those who are regular absenters and try to...

Hi All,I need to send a warning letter to few employees in my company as their excess absentism is becoming worse. In this regard can you send me a good strong letter which I can send across to them…ThanksAnjali

Hii m maulik tandel doing MBA summer project on absenteeism of employees in organization in rural area so plz if any one have project or questionnaire send me.

Leave Tracker, (13/Oct/2010)

Dear All,Would appreciate if anybody can help me with leave tracker.RegardsSara

Attendance Tracker, (8/Jan/2015)

Hi, I am attaching a wonderful sheet created by me on attendance, It gives you all the data including Leaves taken till date, Closing Balance etc., The best part is that everything is automatically calculated, there is a minimal entry in the whole sheet.


Hi,I am working as HR in Software Company with 15 employees .There is lot of absentism in our company.Apart from salary deduction it seems that it does not make difference to them.Because of such absentism our projects are getting affected very badly.We are work...

Dear Manish,You can send a termination letter to his communication address stating about organisation losses due to absentism and attached all three warning letter/notices.Attached a copy of appointment letter(which was issued to him at the time of joining),i ho...

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