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Use the attached Excel workbook to calculate the cost of turnover.Bob

Cost Of Employee Turnover This article provides estimates of turnover costs for various groups of employees, and details the various factors that influence the total turnover figure.Employee turnover is far more expensive than most people realise.In the worst

Does your firm calculate the cost of employee turnover?In my experience those firms that are aware of the real cost of turnover, make more of an effort to encourage staff to stay.As a percentage of salary what would an average figure be for your firm?Many thanks...

Dear ARL Krishna,I have slightly different take. However, real solution will come provided we have hardcore business information. My questions are given in _italics_:One of my friend is working in an organisation wherein they do business of household & kitchen a...

As mentioned in the subjectHow can I calculate the rate of turnover for a specific period (from January 2010 till end of May 2010)Waiting for your assistance :)

Hi team,Could somebody help me in understanding how to calculate the cost of replacement of an employee?What kind of decisions can be made based on the outcome of this calculation?Regards,Shanti

We as HR personnels does not feel the need of calculating the cost of lose of an employee, which is an essential part if you really want to prove that HR is not only a support function but also an integral par of any organisation.Read this to believe it, impleme...

Respected All,Thank you for your quick response please find the below details for your perusal.Nature of the Industry : - IT security companysoftware : - Orange HRMAdding to that I had recently join the company and task is given by the director also need to comp...

The format seems ok. Only thing which I would like to share is cost means CTC per month. And Instead of considering mandays total cost divided by total head will give cost per head. Otherwise the excell sheets are pretty impressive.

@Joe0506:> Dear Anurag,> Thanks for your revert.> I need to calculate the organizations annual average recruitment cost/per employee.> Supposting if my organizations turnover is 100 million, then how I should calculate the recruitment cost.Hi Joe,Annual turnover...

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